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Do you travel for work?

Being a jetsetter can be really lonely

3/5 travel alone for work, that’s a lot of lonely people!

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Table for one... the corner with a book?

Have you ever been on a trip for work and ended the day eating alone in a restaurant?

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New city, same four walls?

Another night away staring at the walls of your hotel room?

You’ve never been to Paris before but you don’t like the idea of site-seeing alone especially in the evening. 

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Feel like you’re missing out on life?

Missed your Pilates class again?

Do constant work trips mean you miss out on hobbies?

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Parlez-vous Anglais?


Do you get tongue tied when faced with a foreign language? 

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Culture shock?

Do you feel lost in a foreign city, confused by the customs?

Would a little local knowledge help? Maybe a friendly local to show you around . 

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Travelling alone needs to change

TripLinks connects lone travellers with other travellers and locals.

Meet for dinner in Tokyo, catch a movie in LA, sight-see in Paris, play a round of golf in Dublin or arrange a kick about in Central’s like having a friend in every city.

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No more table for one!

Put the fun back into travel...with TripLinks

You’re not looking for the love of your life or a new best friend. You just want to share dinner, a coffee or a run after a work.

Share a moment with a friend...a friend you haven’t yet met.

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About Us

Hello there, we are Mark and Susi Wisniewski; founders of TripLinks.
We’ve had to travel a lot for work and found that it can be a really dull, monotonous and at times lonely experience.

Our friends and family were often really envious of our high-flying careers and international trips but we soon found international travel isn’t as glamorous as it may seem.

As a woman, Susi would find it quite intimidating site-seeing alone in foreign cities. In fact, she once went to watch Shrek in French because she couldn’t bear to stay in her hotel room but felt unsafe walking around Paris alone.

Mark used to work for a multi-national energy company which involved frequent nights away from home. After a while dining out with colleagues started to wear a little thin and the thought of sitting in a restaurant alone filled him with dread. Room service was always an option but not an entirely satisfactory one.

It’s not just eating alone that seemed to be the problem...we also missed out on a lot of hobbies; its really easy to miss out a gym training session or language lesson when travelling. Mark really wanted to get back into playing squash but because of work travel commitments couldn’t commit to joining a club at home.

The real revelation came when Susi was sat in a hotel restaurant at a table for one on a Tuesday night in Montreal. Looking around the restaurant all she could see were other lone diners, obviously on work trips, looking slightly embarrassed and seemingly in a hurry to eat and leave the restaurant. It became immediately apparent that we weren’t the only ones suffering from lone travel problems.

That’s when we came up with TripLinks!

TripLinks is a unique social networking tool that allows you to make real-life connections. Unlike better-known social networks, there is no online ‘collecting’ of people into your personal network. With TripLinks, the whole network is when you find yourself at a loose end in San Francisco, turn to TripLinks to connect with someone to show you the best places to go; if you find yourself feeling out of your depth in Tokyo, TripLinks will help you to find a friendly face to guide you through your culture shock.

With TripLinks, you become the best connected person you know! The person everyone envies because wherever they go, they have a friend who will show them the sights.

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