What is TripLinks?

TripLinks is a mobile social networking tool that enables business travellers to meet with other travellers or locals for all kinds of activities such as eating out, playing golf, watching a film or a run in the park. Our purpose Is to provide a tool i.e. a mobile app which enables lone travellers to meet hopefully making their trips more enjoyable and leaving them with a greater sense of empathy for others in the world.

Is TripLinks a business networking tool?

Not exactly, if you happen to meet someone who might become a new client or business partner then that’s great; but TripLinks isn’t Linkedin. We really like the idea that a doctor might meet an artist or that an accountant might meet an architect and that two people from different professional backgrounds can enjoy each other’s company.

Is TripLinks a dating app?

No, TripLinks is definitely not a dating app. TripLinks is all about meeting new, interesting and sometimes quite random people. If you are looking for love there are some very well known sites for that.

What do you mean, no photos, no profiles?

When you register with TripLinks we will ask you for certain information to enhance your use of the network. We will keep this information private unless you decide to share this with other members of TripLinks. Other members won’t see any photos of you unless you add them to your list of contacts – even then you don’t have to upload a photo if you don’t want to.

Is TripLinks safe? Is it safe to meet with complete strangers?

All of your information is stored safely and securely. We have designed the app to give you as much control over your personal data as possible…for example, you can decide how much other members see of your profile. In terms of meeting strangers, we would advise that you always meet in a public place and let someone you trust know where you are going.

Can I block other members?

If you meet another member who you don’t get along with then you can block them. This will mean that they and their events won’t appear your searches and you won’t appear in theirs. If you meet with someone who is abusive then you should report them to the local authorities and then to us and we will investigate if their behaviour warrants any further action.

What happens when I add someone to my Contacts list?

Once you have met with someone you will be asked to leave feedback on your meeting. You will be able to choose to add them to your Contacts list if you enjoyed their company – if the feedback is mutual then you will be able to see their future events and as much of their profile they have set to show to Contacts.

Is TripLinks just for business travellers? Can non-business travellers or locals use it?

We have focussed the marketing TripLinks as truly useful tool for business travellers because we see this is as a group of people who often have no choice but to travel alone. That said, there is no reason why TripLinks can’t be used by non-business travellers or locals – in fact we would encourage as many people as possible to join the network, especially if you are passionate about where you live and want to meet up with foreign travellers to show them your amazing home town or city.

I really like TripLinks but have a suggestion of how you could improve it

We welcome any and all feedback about TripLinks – its success depends on it being as useful as possible to our members. Please feel free to contact us directly with you suggestions.

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